Monday, 12 December 2011

Maternity Reflexology..

Lately Ive noticed a few posts on various mothers forums and groups discussing reflexology or asking for advice on what techniques worked for breech or spine to spine babies. For me.. my son was always in the right position however during labour he had turned and we were now spine to spine. My midwife informed me giving birth this way could be extremely painful and asked if I was interested in attempting reflexology. I said yes and 15 minutes of my little TOE (yep little toe) being massaged on a certain pressure point which Ive since discovered is called 'Bladder 67' (and should be avoided unless you are in labour, late stages of pregnancy AND your baby is breech or face up).. worked although the second he turned it was a whole nother level of pain! But...I ended up giving birth 2 hours later to my little man face down!

Its strange how things like this work! But if any Mums are at risk of potential breech or face up babies.. Id suggest talking to your Doctor or Midwife to see if they are familiar with this technique =)

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