Monday, 12 December 2011

Maternity Reflexology..

Lately Ive noticed a few posts on various mothers forums and groups discussing reflexology or asking for advice on what techniques worked for breech or spine to spine babies. For me.. my son was always in the right position however during labour he had turned and we were now spine to spine. My midwife informed me giving birth this way could be extremely painful and asked if I was interested in attempting reflexology. I said yes and 15 minutes of my little TOE (yep little toe) being massaged on a certain pressure point which Ive since discovered is called 'Bladder 67' (and should be avoided unless you are in labour, late stages of pregnancy AND your baby is breech or face up).. worked although the second he turned it was a whole nother level of pain! But...I ended up giving birth 2 hours later to my little man face down!

Its strange how things like this work! But if any Mums are at risk of potential breech or face up babies.. Id suggest talking to your Doctor or Midwife to see if they are familiar with this technique =)

Thursday, 20 October 2011

Destination wedding & introducing our baby to the other half of him.

So I am strong amongst the mix of planning our beautiful wedding in Samoa. Yep. Our wedding will be a destination wedding over in my husband to be’s place of birth. I am so excited to have a destination wedding. Not only is it saving us a packet load of money ($20 000 to be exact) It’s going to be set in one of the most beautiful locations I have ever seen - Aggie Grey’s Lagoon, Beach Resort & Spa. Im equally thrilled for my partner to go back to his home that he hasn’t seen since he was 8 years old when his family moved to New Zealand. I am also thrilled for our son to visit the other half of his culture.

With Armani being a bi-racial baby I am passionate in assuring that he knows both sides of who he is and what makes him, him. We (by we I mean his Daddy mainly and myself with the few basic words I know) speak to him in Samoan. He does so well for a two year old. So for him to be able to visit Samoa will be such a beautiful experience for us all, and not to mention he will get to witness the two people who love him the most, promise each other that we will always be a loving family J 

Just a small snap shot of what our ceremony will look like (love)!.

And our venue (love)

Friday, 14 October 2011

Goals to starting my own business..

My ultimate goal in life has always been to have the ability to be a SAHM but own my own business at the same time.. For me, beauty and make up have always been a passion. I so wish when I had the chance I went to beauty and make up school. Instead I dove straight into the work force at 17 and here I am 5 years later stuck in a job that has great benefits, great pay, great work mates BUT (that dreaded but).. I don’t love it.. I don’t wake up excited to go to work which is something I think is important in a job.

Now with a 2 year old, a wedding to pay for and a home to save for not working and studying instead is not a viable option.

Thankfully make up school has the flexability to do it part time, beauty school however doesn’t. I plan on enrolling into the Canberra Make Up Academy next year after my wedding and commencing the 18 month part time course. My goal is to set up my own free lancing make up and beauty business but for starters a make up business would be ideal! Another factor is cost. Its so expensive to study either of this courses. Make Up is 8 100Beauty School is edging 10 000… with a baby and bills to pay it isn’t easy.. but Im determined. I want my son and my future children to look at me and say my Mum did it so I too can do whatever my heart desires.

Fingers crossed my dream comes true sooner rather than later!

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

My first entire baby free weekend

A weekend away with your girlfriends seems like heaven right? Especially for a 22 year old. Well for me it was a huge challenge. The weekend just past was my first entire weekend away from my son.. EVER! He’s had plenty of single night sleepovers before but that was me dropping him off at 6 and picking him up well before lunch time. I just miss him too much and always felt as he is my responsibility, its me who is suppose to watch him which is why I never loved sending him for someone else to watch. The only times he has had sleepovers is if I had something on such as this weekend. My best friend’s hens weekend away (3 hours away to be exact)!

So I thought I had gotten off easy. I had gone before he had woken up so I didn’t have to see his sad face when I left without him.. WRONG.. I had forgotten to leave the car seat so by the time I got back home to drop it off he was awake and wanted his Mummy. Even worse was that I had to literally drop the car seat and run as we were already late to pick up our beautiful hen. He cried and cried.. I heard him crying and yelling ‘Mummy car’ as I drove out of the driveway and it broke my heart. I hate leaving him and weekends for me are sacred. I work 5 days a week and most times he is still asleep when I leave so I get a few precious hours at night, so weekends really are us time. And giving up that us time isn’t easy.

While the weekend was a lot of fun (I managed to slip in a phone call to my bubba which only resulted in my crying) I was happy to come back to my reality of being at Mister Two’s every beck and call.

Thursday, 29 September 2011

Dress code for Mummies?

So.. I've noticed that typically when you become a mum your fashion sense vanishes! Good bye to skinny jeans and tanks, hello to trackies and t shirts. Not this mama..! I vowed from day 1 Id never become a "frumpy mum". Through out my entire pregnancy I never wore sweats out in public.. I lived in tights with knit dresses and jeggings with larger sized tank tops and jackets. I feel you already dont feel the best when you are heavily pregnant so dressing nice, doing my hair and ensuring I looked great made me feel great too.

I also know my partner is extremely happy that I never slide into "Mummy dress code" and so am I.

Im not saying we all have to be Victoria Beckham and look flawless back in our high heels and skin tight jeans within a week.. but taking the time and making the effort to look nice, to feel good will only benefit yourself in then end :)

Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Introduction of this "Young" Mummy

Being a "young" mum has its challenges. For starters I dont have the freedom that most 22 year olds have. I cant go partying whenever I please, I cant go travelling the world at the drop of the hat, I NEED to have a job to support my son. But you know what, I wouldnt change a thing. He is without a doubt the most amazing thing in my world and has changed not only my life but his Daddies life too. We had to grow up fast when we found out we were pregnant. I was barely 20, we were thinking about buying a house, travelling all the normal things young people tend to do. Then suddenly we were going to be parents. It was scary and exciting all at the same time. All our savings went into buying a bigger, 2nd car.. buying baby furniture and what seemed like a life time supply of nappies and wipes (but in reality lasted about a week). We found out we were having a boy at 22 weeks and we were over the moon. The next months just flew by and before I knew it on the 23rd of September at 2.22pm we welcomed the most beautiful creature I had ever seen.. our son Armani Francis Wright into the world weighing in at 8 pound 11. It has now been almost 2 years have seemingly FLOWN by and pretty soon our dinosaur loving son will be 2. I could cry at how fast it has gone but I cannot wait for many more years and to welcome more babies into this world.

Here are some photos of my beautiful family...

My son and I when he was just a little one.. I miss him being so chubby! ( I also miss my blonde hair =( )

One of my favourite photos. He loves kisses and I happily take them!

This is also a HUGE favourite of mine. My two boys during our recent trip to NZ to visit.