Thursday, 29 September 2011

Dress code for Mummies?

So.. I've noticed that typically when you become a mum your fashion sense vanishes! Good bye to skinny jeans and tanks, hello to trackies and t shirts. Not this mama..! I vowed from day 1 Id never become a "frumpy mum". Through out my entire pregnancy I never wore sweats out in public.. I lived in tights with knit dresses and jeggings with larger sized tank tops and jackets. I feel you already dont feel the best when you are heavily pregnant so dressing nice, doing my hair and ensuring I looked great made me feel great too.

I also know my partner is extremely happy that I never slide into "Mummy dress code" and so am I.

Im not saying we all have to be Victoria Beckham and look flawless back in our high heels and skin tight jeans within a week.. but taking the time and making the effort to look nice, to feel good will only benefit yourself in then end :)

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