Wednesday, 5 October 2011

My first entire baby free weekend

A weekend away with your girlfriends seems like heaven right? Especially for a 22 year old. Well for me it was a huge challenge. The weekend just past was my first entire weekend away from my son.. EVER! He’s had plenty of single night sleepovers before but that was me dropping him off at 6 and picking him up well before lunch time. I just miss him too much and always felt as he is my responsibility, its me who is suppose to watch him which is why I never loved sending him for someone else to watch. The only times he has had sleepovers is if I had something on such as this weekend. My best friend’s hens weekend away (3 hours away to be exact)!

So I thought I had gotten off easy. I had gone before he had woken up so I didn’t have to see his sad face when I left without him.. WRONG.. I had forgotten to leave the car seat so by the time I got back home to drop it off he was awake and wanted his Mummy. Even worse was that I had to literally drop the car seat and run as we were already late to pick up our beautiful hen. He cried and cried.. I heard him crying and yelling ‘Mummy car’ as I drove out of the driveway and it broke my heart. I hate leaving him and weekends for me are sacred. I work 5 days a week and most times he is still asleep when I leave so I get a few precious hours at night, so weekends really are us time. And giving up that us time isn’t easy.

While the weekend was a lot of fun (I managed to slip in a phone call to my bubba which only resulted in my crying) I was happy to come back to my reality of being at Mister Two’s every beck and call.

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