Friday, 14 October 2011

Goals to starting my own business..

My ultimate goal in life has always been to have the ability to be a SAHM but own my own business at the same time.. For me, beauty and make up have always been a passion. I so wish when I had the chance I went to beauty and make up school. Instead I dove straight into the work force at 17 and here I am 5 years later stuck in a job that has great benefits, great pay, great work mates BUT (that dreaded but).. I don’t love it.. I don’t wake up excited to go to work which is something I think is important in a job.

Now with a 2 year old, a wedding to pay for and a home to save for not working and studying instead is not a viable option.

Thankfully make up school has the flexability to do it part time, beauty school however doesn’t. I plan on enrolling into the Canberra Make Up Academy next year after my wedding and commencing the 18 month part time course. My goal is to set up my own free lancing make up and beauty business but for starters a make up business would be ideal! Another factor is cost. Its so expensive to study either of this courses. Make Up is 8 100Beauty School is edging 10 000… with a baby and bills to pay it isn’t easy.. but Im determined. I want my son and my future children to look at me and say my Mum did it so I too can do whatever my heart desires.

Fingers crossed my dream comes true sooner rather than later!

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